Friday, 17 June 2011

Principles of Taiji Meihua Mantis


When you practice forms
Footwork can be clear or hidden
The hands complement each other like yin and yang
Limbs move up and down, constantly whirling
Arms draw half circles
This is the characteristics of Taiji
Limbs move up and down, constantly whirling
Attack the opponent from all sides and surround him
Combinations should flow together
The movements’ don’t just have one purpose
The hands movements represent plum flowers
Emitting power you should "open like a bow"
When the movement finishes it "contracts like a ball"
Simultaneously these hold the development of the mantis movements


During training kung fu, you must express intent and show spirit,
Body movements must have a solid foundation.
When attacking, the hands must be in harmony with the feet,
Steps should be fast like sprinting.
Strike in all directions: coiling left, right, up and down.
Step in to hit directly, locking with left hand and coiling with right hand.
Strike continuously with the cooperation of the elbows.
Every movement must have fighting intent.

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