Sunday, 22 November 2009

my first full contact sparring match

I had my first full contact sparring match on Friday. I was really nervous and though about not going through before, but felt much better after for having done it. I didnt feel like I did that well, but it was good experience and made me realise a few things. Most of my training went out the window, I resorted to pretty basic head punches. Its really hard to use a lot of techniques you learn when someones pumelling your head.

I realised several things from that fight. I now see the importance in having a wide range of experience in order to teach. Its not enough to be able to validate a technique by talking about such and such an angle, but you need to be able to back it up with action. You need to be able to tell a student it works, because youve really used it. When youre adrenaline is really going, most of what you learn is forgotten. Only the most basic stuff comes out.

Ring fighting and street fighting are very different things, but ring fighting is a good way to test yourself in a controlled circumstance. What I like about the Sanda matches we have here are that there are no winners or losers, its not about flaunting your ego. Its a chance to test yourself. Find out what youre capable of under pressure and find your strengths and weaknesses. How can you know what you learns works, unless you test it. To quote Buddha, "application is the only way to verify truth." Although I dont think I did so well in the fight, I now know more about my own level of skill, and how I cope in that kind of situation. So I know what aspects of my training to focus on improving, mostly my fitness, leg conditioning (my thigh is swollen from taking somer hard kicks) and general technique. I hope next time I can use more technique and strategy in the fight.

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Rob said...

Hehehe, I'm glad to see you took so much away from your experience. I truly love sanda matches for exactly the reason that they allow me to test out my liangong and technique under a high pressure environment.

I'm sure you'll learn the strategies you need to in order to succeed, but if I could offer one point to keep in mind based off of your entry, it would be:

*don't discount punching to the abdomen. A good solid punch to the head is always nice, but a punch to the chest and stomach (especially the stomach) is relatively difficult to maneuver around (from the angle), and takes a LOT of energy away from your opponent. A couple really good wheel punches to the stomach, and s/he just won't have the energy to continue.

Keep up the good work. I don't know if I told you, but I injured my thumbs a little while ago, and they're talking a hell of a long time to heal, but I've really been itching to spar again. It's great you have this opportunity. Jiayou